foveola meaning

Pronunciation:   "foveola" in a sentence
, also fōˈveole noun
  A small depression

n pl -lae or -las : a small pit; specif : one of the pits in the embryonic gastric mucosa from which the gastric glands develop — fo·ve·o·lar adj


  1. The fungus is specific epithet " foveatus " is derived from the Latin adjective " foveola ", referring to a surface with pits or depressions.
  2. Gastric glands are simple or branched tubular glands that emerge on the deeper part of the gastric foveola, inside the gastric areas and outlined by the folds of the mucosa.
  3. The center of the fovea is the foveola  about 0 . 2 mm in diameter  or central pit where only cone photoreceptors are present and there are virtually no rods.
  4. Anatomists refer to this as the clinical fovea, and say that it corresponds to the anatomical foveola, a structure with a diameter of 0 . 35 mm corresponding to 1 degree of the field of vision.
  5. Clivus is also used as an abbreviated term for the "'clivus ocularis "'which is the sloping inner wall of the retina as it dips into the foveola in the macula of the eye.

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