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[ 'fɔ:mjulə ] Pronunciation:   "formula" in a sentence
Noun: formula (formulas,formulae)  formyulu [N. Amer], formyûlu [Brit]
  1. A group of symbols that make a mathematical statement
    - expression 
  2. Directions for making something
    - recipe 
  3. A conventionalized statement expressing some fundamental principle 
  4. A representation of a substance using symbols for its constituent elements
    - chemical formula 
  5. Something regarded as a normative example
    "his formula for impressing visitors"
    - convention, normal, pattern, rule 
  6. A liquid food for infants 
  7. (mathematics) a standard procedure for solving a class of mathematical problems
    "he gave us a general formula for attacking polynomials"
    - rule

Derived forms: formulae, formulas

See also: formularize, formulary, formulate

Type of: direction, instruction, mathematical statement, milk, practice, procedure, process, statement

Encyclopedia: Formula

AmE / noun [C] (plural formulas or, especially in scientific use, formulae /; AmE /)


1 (Technical )

a series of letters, numbers or symbols that represent a rule or law:

They use complex mathematical formulas to calculate the insurance premium.

The formula is based on your age and net income.

The formula for compound interest is Pn = P0(1 + I)n.


a particular method of doing or achieving sth:

There's no simple formula for the success of a business.

They have rediscovered their winning formula.

n pl -las or -lae
a : a recipe or prescription giving method and proportions of ingredients for the preparation of some material (as a medicine)
b : a milk mixture or substitute for feeding an infant typically consisting of prescribed proportions and forms of cow's milk, water, and sugar; also : a batch of this made up at one time to meet an infant's future requirements (as during a 24-hour period)
2 : a symbolic expression showing the composition or constitution of a chemical substance and consisting of symbols for the elements present and subscripts to indicate the relative or total number of atoms present in a molecule ‹the formulas for water, sulfuric acid, and ethyl alcohol are H2O, H2SO4, and C2H5OH respectively› —see EMPIRICAL FORMULA, MOLECULAR FORMULA, STRUCTURAL FORMULA

1. In logic, a sequence of symbols representing terms, predicates, connectives and quantifiers which is either true or false.

2. <language, music> FORTH Music Language. An extension of FORTH with concurrent note-playing processes. Runs on Macintosh and Atari ST with MIDI output.

3. Preprocessor language for the Acorn Archimedes, allowing inline high-level statements to be entered in an assembly program. Written in nawk.


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  1. we are committed to no rigid formula.
  2. we have found a nonrecurrent formula for an.
  3. this formula gives a very small percentage of error.
  4. here are some applications of taylor's formula.
  5. there is no sure formula for success.

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