for toffee meaning

  "for toffee" in a sentence
  (always with a ) at all, as in he can't dance for toffee


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  1. you surely don't think gorge could sing in public, do you ? he can't sing for toffee
  2. Bown appeared in an advert for Toffee Crisp in the 1980s.
  3. 2 tablespoons EACH coarsely chopped pecans and English toffee bits may be substituted for toffee-covered pecans.
  4. Me, I'm gearing up for toffee-filled holidays with Valrhona chocolate and maracona Spanish almonds ready in the pantry.
  5. :Sometimes we get good information from people who can't write for toffee; sometimes we get beautifully written prose which contains nothing but false information.

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