for the sake of meaning

  "for the sake of" in a sentence
  • 1. For the purpose of
    2. On account of

  • [American idiom]
    for the good of someone or something; for the honor or recognition of someone or something.
    I did it for the sake of all those people who helped me get through school.
    I’m investing in a house for the sake of my children.
    For the sake of honesty, Bill shared all the information he had.

  • [American slang]
    adv. phr. On behalf of; for the benefit of. For the sake of truth and freedom, Dr. Sakharov, the Soviet dissident, was willing to be banished from Moscow. "Do it for my sake, please!" Tom begged.


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  1. we made concessions for the sake of peace.
  2. i love blackie for the sake of his sense.
  3. she called on us merely for the sake of courtesy.
  4. we can 't risk big things for the sake of small ones.
  5. she argues for the sake of arguing.

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