for short meaning

  "for short" in a sentence
Adverb: for short  for short
  1. As an abbreviation
    "call me Bob for short"

[American idiom]
in a short form. (Usually refers to names.)
My name is William. They call me Bill for short.
Almost everyone who is named Robert is called Bob for short.

[American slang]
as an abbreviation.
  The Internal Revenue Service is known as the IRS for short.
  David goes by Dave for short.
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  1. i turned down some invitations for short visits.
  2. he is only away for short periods -- a week at the longest.
  3. the electronic beam oscilloscope acts as a sort of microscope for short times.
  4. day and night tung and fong stayed in the room, spelling each other off only for short naps.
  5. most studies of co effects have administered co at relatively high concentrations for short periods of time.

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