footloose meaning

Pronunciation:   "footloose" in a sentence
  • Adjective: footloose  'fût`lûs
    1. Free to go or do as one pleases
      "Americans have always been a footloose people always moving on"; "a footloose young man eager to see the big city"

    See also: free

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  1. with skilled labour ever more footloose, getting migrants to fill the gaps is essential
  2. after trying to contact mr . footloose all day, i finally ran him to earth at the barber shop
  3. therefore, it is better to keep luggage to the minimum to enjoy more footloose sightseeing in tokyo
  4. It is footloose corporations taking investments where labor is most productive.
  5. I wanted at the very least to be a footloose adventurer.

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