font meaning

[ fɔnt ] Pronunciation:   "font" in a sentence
Noun: font  fónt
  1. A specific size and style of type within a type family
    - fount [Brit], typeface, face, case 
  2. Bowl for baptismal water
    - baptismal font, baptistry, baptistery

Derived forms: fonts

Type of: basin, type

Part of: type family

Encyclopedia: Font Font, Fribourg Font, Switzerland


A basin, usually of stone, which holds the water for baptism.

The physical shape and size of the letters and numbers in an alphanumeric system.

<text> A set of glyphs (images) representing the characters from some particular character set in a particular size and typeface. The image of each character may be encoded either as a bitmap (in a bitmap font) or by a higher-level description in terms of lines and areas (an outline font).

There are several different computer representations for fonts, the most widely known are Adobe Systems, Inc.'s PostScript font definitions and Apple's TrueType. Window systems can display different fonts on the screen and print them.


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  1. there was a beautiful stone font there.
  2. font research method is researched in this paper
  3. values that specifies the character set of the font
  4. move a font up in the selected fonts list
  5. move a font up in the selected fonts list

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