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/fons et o-rīˈgō, -rēˈ/
  The source and origin
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  1. Tinctoris hailed Dunstaple as the " fons et origo " of the style, its " wellspring and origin ."
  2. Although he had been painting for almost twenty years, Bacon steadfastly insisted that " Three Studies " was the " fons et origo " of his career.
  3. Hoskins referred to Way as the " " fons et origo " of the mighty tribe of Pollard " and stated it to have been acquired by them from the de la Way family even earlier before 1242.
  4. I wrote a fair summary of what the source, Zaslaw, says about Italy : " . . . the land where the terminology and much else of modern music had originated . " This I believe gives weight to the otherwise unexplained " fons et origo ", though I am happy for it to be left as " of modern music ".
  5. In my judgment, that agreement and letter are not the only, or even the most cogent, evidence of the original transaction, since we have the letter of December 2, 1963, which I have read, which is the " fons et origo " of the whole matter, and that clearly provided that the bank were going to be the purchasers.

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