fondness meaning

Pronunciation:   "fondness" in a sentence
Noun: fondness  fóndnus
  1. A predisposition to like something
    "he had a fondness for whiskey"
    - fancy, partiality 
  2. A positive feeling of liking
    - affection, affectionateness, tenderness, heart, warmness, warmheartedness, philia 
  3. A quality proceeding from feelings of affection or love
    - affectionateness, lovingness, warmth

Derived forms: fondnesses

See also: fond

Type of: emotionalism, emotionality, feeling, liking


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  1. he had an almost paternal fondness for pen.
  2. they have a natural fondness for humans.
  3. he is fond of exciting fondness in the boy.
  4. fondness for a coutry is all very lovely.
  5. it was devotion-it was passion-it was all sorts of fondness and folly.

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