flight manoeuvre meaning

Noun: flight manoeuvre
Usage: Brit, Cdn (=flight maneuver)
  1. A manoeuvre executed by an aircraft
    - flight maneuver [US], airplane maneuver [US], aeroplane manoeuvre [Brit], airplane manoeuvre [Cdn]

Derived forms: flight manoeuvres

Type of: evasive action, maneuver [US], manoeuvre [Brit, Cdn]


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  1. here, active means defined shifts in load take place during the flight manoeuvre in order to investigate the flying characteristics
  2. The player can perform various flight manoeuvres and stunts mid-air, such are loops, rolls, or dummy stalls.
  3. He had a particular interest in bird behaviour, sexual selection and the problem of the coordinated flight manoeuvres of thought-transference.
  4. In 1940, following construction of buildings for military use, it became an aircraft training centre for training for airborne observers and aircraft carrier flight manoeuvres.
  5. The "'AeroLift CycloCrane "'was a unique US hybrid airship which adopted helicopter derived airfoil control for low speed flight manoeuvring by spinning on its axis.

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