flat wash meaning

  "flat wash" in a sentence
  • Noun: flat wash  flat wósh
    1. Ironing that can be done mechanically
      - flatwork

    Derived forms: flat washes

    Type of: ironing

  • wash:    Verb: wash &n ...
  • wash-in:     or washˈ-out noun ...
  • wash.:    abbrev   ...


  1. Varley was particularly skilled at the laying of flat washes of watercolour which suited the placid, contemplative mood that he often sought to evoke.
  2. Characters are depicted using a drawing and painting style called Art Noveau which are clean-lined ink drawings coloured with flat washes while the background scenes are very detailed backdrops of the Orient Express.
  3. There is " almost nothing " left of Leonardo's hand, Steinberg says, only tiny islands of original pigment " afloat in flat washes of pale removable watercolor ."

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