flat broke meaning

  "flat broke" in a sentence
  • (informal)
      Having no money whatsoever

  • [American idiom]
    completely broke; with no money at all. (Informal.)
    I spent my last dollar, and I’m flat broke.
    The bank closed its doors to the public. It was flat broke!

  • [American slang]
    Fig. having no money at all.
      Sorry, I'm flat broke. Not a cent on me.
      You may be f lat broke, but you will find a way to pay your electricity bill or you will live in the dark.
      Mary was f lat busted, and it was two more weeks before she was due to get paid.


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  1. i am flat broke.
  2. i ’ d like to buy one, but i ’ m flat broke
  3. that poor sap's gonna be flat broke
  4. that poor sap's gonna be flat broke
  5. i can't come out with you tonight because i'm flat broke

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