flag of distress meaning

  "flag of distress" in a sentence
  A flag displayed by a vessel as a signal of distress, usu upside down or at half-mast


  1. flag of distress
  2. Similarly, the flying of a flag of distress was not an acceptable ruse de guerre, as it would dissuade shipping from approaching a vessel in genuine distress.
  3. The admiral refused to use the frigate " Seahorse " that was stationed close by, to be taken back to his flagship, as it would imply that Captain Fremantle would have to hoist a flag of distress and thereby demoralise the crews.
  4. "Ocean Monarch " had left Liverpool on the morning of Thursday, 24 August 1848 carrying passengers to Boston in the Great Orme's Head off Llandudno, at around noon, the " Ocean Monarch " was witnessed to put up its helm as if to return to port and then a flag of distress was raised.

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