finish with meaning

  "finish with" in a sentence
  • 1. be/have finished with sth to have stopped using or needing something:
    Have you finished with the newspaper yet?
    I usually give my old clothes away when I'm finished with them.
    2. be/have finished with sb to have finished talking to someone, or dealing with them, especially when you are angry with them or want to punish them:
    Don't go, Anna. I haven't finished with you yet.
    "When I'm finished with you," Morrissey said, "you'll be lucky if you're still alive."
    3. finish with sb not passive informal to end a romantic or sexual relationship with someone:
    Did you know that Mike's finished with Theresa?
    There were just too many arguments so in the end I finished with him.


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  1. he decided to finish with noble winney.
  2. she should finish with him -- he treats her very badly.
  3. we are to finish with the experiment in two months at the most.
  4. we didn't finish with that dirty business yet, after five long years.
  5. all programs start with the special word begin and finish with end.

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