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  • [Medicine]
    Loss of the ability to comprehend the meaning or recognize the importance of various forms of stimulation that cannot be attributed to impairment of a primary sensory modality. Tactile agnosia is characterized by an inability to perceive the shape and nature of an object by touch alone,despite unimpaired sensation to light touch,position,and other primary sensory modalities.


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  1. I guess also finger agnosia and left-right disorientation might also make it harder to use a keyboard?
  2. Patients with finger agnosia may have difficulty selectively moving fingers, regardless if it is by command or imitation.
  3. Although it is a necessary component of Gerstmann's syndrome, cases of finger agnosia alone have been reported.
  4. Della Sala et al . reported a woman with a stroke in the left subcortical posterior parietal area who had only finger agnosia a year and a half later.
  5. Persons with finger agnosia are able to name and point to a finger when able to use visual guidance, but will have more errors than a person without the disorder.

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