fiddler meaning

Pronunciation:   "fiddler" in a sentence
Noun: fiddler  fidlu(r)
  1. A musician who plays the violin
    - violinist 
  2. Someone who manipulates in a nervous or unconscious manner
    - twiddler 
  3. An unskilled person who tries to fix or mend
    - tinkerer

Derived forms: fiddlers

See also: fiddle

Type of: instrumentalist, manipulator, musician, muso [Brit], player, unskilled person

Encyclopedia: Fiddler


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  1. the fiddler paused to appreciate his wit.
  2. the waves were breaking against fiddler key opposite athens.
  3. too often people sat stolidly watching the noisy little fiddler.
  4. beside himself with happiness, the fiddler sat on kunta's three-legged stool, fiddle across his lap, and went on babbling.
  5. how nice with a fiddler ! i'm not stupid, you know

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