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n. [plural]

1 chains that are put around prisoners' feet

2 (literary) what restricts you and does not let you act freely: the fetters of marriage/prejudice

A sort of iron put on the legs of malefactors or persons accused of crimes.

When a prisoner is brought into court to plead he shall not be put in fetters unless good cause be shown. An officer having arrested a defendant on a civil suit or a person accused of a crime, has no right to handcuff him unless it is necessary or he has attempted to escape.


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  1. they finally rise up and burst their fetters.
  2. they were bound up in fetters of conventionalism.
  3. world trade of political fetters is necessary.
  4. no man loves his fetters be they made of gold.
  5. no fetters are so intolerable as those of love.

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