fetterlock meaning

  "fetterlock" in a sentence
noun (heraldry)
  A shackle for a horse, as a design on a shield


  1. King Edward IV used a heraldic badge consisting of a fetterlock and a falcon.
  2. It starred Raymond Millross as Nicholas Fetterlock, with Godfrey Quigley and Thelma Barlow as his parents.
  3. This was originally the badge of the first Duke of York, Richard of York, who displayed the fetterlock opened.
  4. Set in the Cotswolds near Burford, Oxfordshire, " The Wool-Pack " begins in 1493 when Nicholas Fetterlock, the twelve-year-old son of a rich wool merchant, learns from his father that he is betrothed to Cecily Bradshaw, the daughter of a rich cloth merchant.

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