fern family meaning

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Noun: fern family
  1. Families of ferns and fern allies

Type of: family

Part of: division Pteridophyta, Pteridophyta


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  1. While the fern family is huge and diverse, a few general cultural guidelines apply.
  2. The monophyletic genus, " Lecanopteris ", is in the fern family, Polypodicaeae.
  3. However, both of these other fern families float freely on the surface of ponds or lakes instead of rooting in soil or mud.
  4. The "'Osmundaceae "'( Royal Fern Family ) is a family of four to six extant genera and ca 25 known species.
  5. This fern belongs to a group of about seventy " Microlepia " species in the bracken or hay-scented fern family ( Dennstaedtiaceae ).

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