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Verb: fence in
  1. Enclose with a fence
    "we fenced in our yard"
    - fence 
  2. Surround with a wall in order to fortify
    - wall, palisade, fence, surround

Derived forms: fenced in, fences in, fencing in

Type of: close in, enclose, inclose, protect, shut in

[American slang]
v. To keep (someone) from doing what he or she would like to do. Usually used in the passive. Mary felt fenced in because her father would not let her drive a car or have dates with boys. John didn't like his job because he had to do the same kind of work all the time. He felt that he was hemmed in.


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  1. the boy cleared the fence in one leap.
  2. she felt fenced in by domestic routine.
  3. the boy cleared the fence in one leap.
  4. the grounds are fenced in to prevent trespassing.
  5. so we have to look to you to keep your fence in repair.

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