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A species of GAMMARETROVIRUS causing leukemia,lymphosarcoma,immune deficiency,or other degenerative diseases in cats. Several cellular oncogenes confer on FeLV the ability to induce sarcomas (see also SARCOMA VIRUSES,FELINE).n : a retrovirus that is widespread in cat populations, is prob. transmitted by direct contact, and in cats is associated with or causes malignant lymphoma, feline leukemia, anemia, glomerulonephritis, and immunosuppression


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  1. In the 2002 2003 capture season, Feline leukemia virus was first observed in two panthers.
  2. Since a 2007 outbreak of feline leukemia virus ( FeLV ), wild lynxes are tested periodically for possible disease.
  3. The first product, developed for the French company Virbac, was a vaccine to protect domestic cats from infection by the feline leukemia virus.
  4. As time passed, other scientists developed vaccines against the feline leukemia virus in cats and a cancer known as Marek's disease in chickens.
  5. While the causes of "'cancer in cats "'are unknown, feline leukemia virus is suspected to be a prime contributor.

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