feel meaning

[ fi:l ] Pronunciation:   "feel" in a sentence
Verb: feel (felt)  feel
  1. Undergo an emotional sensation or be in a particular state of mind
    "She felt resentful"; "He felt regret"
Noun: feel  feel
  1. An intuitive awareness
    "he has a feel for animals" or "it's easy when you get the feel of it" 
  2. The general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people
    "the feel of the city excited him"
    - spirit, tone, feeling, flavor [US], flavour [Brit, Cdn], look, smell 
  3. A property perceived by touch
    - tactile property 
  4. Manual stimulation of the genital area for sexual pleasure
    "the girls hated it when he tried to sneak a feel"

Derived forms: feeling, feels, felt

See also: feel for, feeler, feeling, feelings

Type of: ambiance, ambience, appear, arousal, atmosphere, awareness, be, believe, cognisance [Brit], cognizance, comprehend, conceive, conclude, consciousness, consider, experience, find, foreplay, go through, knowingness, look, look for, perceive, property, reason, reason out, regain, search, see, seek, seem, stimulation, think, touch

Encyclopedia: Feel

vb felt feel·ing vt
1 : to handle or touch in order to examine, test, or explore some quality ‹felt the compress to see if it was wet›
2 : to perceive by a physical sensation coming from discrete end organs (as of the skin or muscles)
¦ vi
1 : to receive or be able to receive a tactile sensation
2 : to search for something by using the sense of touch
1 : the sense of touch

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  1. he could feel the menace of the spreading.
  2. i feel badly about your leaving so soon.
  3. i do n't feel up to such a long journey.
  4. he was beginning to feel rather fogged.
  5. i feel like a lousy impostor.

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