fasten meaning

[ 'fɑ:sn ] Pronunciation:   "fasten" in a sentence
Verb: fasten  fãsun
  1. Cause to be firmly attached
    "fasten the lock onto the door"
    - fix, secure 
  2. Become fixed or fastened
    "This dress fastens in the back" 
  3. Attach to
    "They fastened various nicknames to each other" 
  4. Make tight or tighter
    - tighten

Derived forms: fastened, fastens, fastening

See also: fastener, fastening

Type of: alter, attach, change, modify

Antonym: unfasten

Encyclopedia: Fasten


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  1. he had nothing concrete to fasten it upon.
  2. they are trying to fasten the blame on others.
  3. keep still while i fasten your shoe.
  4. he had to fasten it upon something.
  5. fasten the saddle on the horse 's back.

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