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Noun: fast track
  1. A rapid means of achieving a goal
    "they saw independence as the fast track to democracy"; "he took a fast track to the top of the corporate ladder"; "the company went off the fast track when the stock market dropped"

Derived forms: fast tracks

Type of: agency, means, way

Encyclopedia: Fast track


A method of construction management in which building construction begins before all construction details have been finalized in order to speed completion of the project.

noun [sing.]

(HR )

a plan or path that brings success in your career and more important jobs more quickly than normal:

The company put him on a fast track to higher management.

a fast-track career/executive

fast-track verb [+ obj]:

Exceptional employees can be fast-tracked into positions of greater responsibility.

fast-tracking noun [U]

The track to which a civil case is allocated when the amount claimed exceeds £5000 but is less than £15,000 (see ALLOCATION). The fast track provides a streamlined procedure in order to ensure that any legal and other costs remain proportionate to the amount claimed. It achieves this through the use of standard directions by the court, a fixed timetable of about 30 weeks between directions and trial, a trial of one day only, no oral expert evidence to be used in trial, and costs being fixed dependent on the level of advocacy used.


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