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  • Noun: fast lane
    1. A hectic and pressured lifestyle often characterized by recklessness or dissipation
      "life in fashion's fast lane has taught her a lot" 
    2. The traffic lane for vehicles that are moving rapidly

    Derived forms: fast lanes

    Type of: life style, lifestyle, life-style, modus vivendi, traffic lane

    Antonym: slow lane

    Encyclopedia: Fast lane

  • [Business]
    noun [usually sing.]


    a very busy life, where a lot is happening, that often also has a lot of stress and worry:

    Life in the fast lane can have long-term effects on health and family life.

    2 (HR ) = FAST TRACK


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  1. cars swiftly slowed and pulled off the fast lane
  2. who dreams of making it in the fast lane
  3. fast lane ? you're not even on the on-ramp
  4. i'm just not cut out for this . life in the fast lane
  5. erected noise barrier steel posts at eastbound fast lane of po shek wu road flyover

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