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  1. Burman was later commemorated by Linn� in the genus " Burmannia " and family Burmanniaceae.
  2. Panigrahi, G . ( 1966b ) Studies on the monocot flora of Assam and North East Frontier Agency  II . ( Families Burmanniaceae to Dioscoreaceae ).
  3. ""'Burmannia grandiflora " "'is a flowering plant in the family Burmanniaceae found in Colombia, central Brazil, and Bolivia.
  4. Under the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group system of 1998, which took Dahlgren's system as a basis, the order was placed in the monocot clade and comprised the five families Burmanniaceae, Dioscoreaceae, Taccaceae, Thismiaceae and Trichopodaceae.
  5. As the members of this family are achlorophyllous non-autotrophic herbs ( i . e . they are not green, and do not photosynthesize ) they have sometimes been included in the family Burmanniaceae which, however, according to APG II is not even in the same order.

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