family brand meaning

  "family brand" in a sentence
noun [C]

(Marketing )

a name that a company uses to sell a range of different products:

Each product line is sold under a different family brand.

The Sharp family brand is used for a huge range of products from air conditioners to personal stereos.

family branding noun [U]:

a strong family branding


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  1. During the same years he relaunched the Gelati Cecchi 1936 family brand.
  2. All Ibis Family brands ( corporately styled " ibis " ) feature the SweetBed.
  3. My goal is to build a stronger family brand name and expand the current audience.
  4. At the international TYPO3 Conference 2012 ( T3CON12 ) TYPO3 was announced as a family brand.
  5. The four Oliva siblings, the great-grandchildren of Melanio Oliva, remain actively involved in the family brand.

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