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Noun: family Cathartidae
  1. Condors; turkey buzzards; king vultures
    - Cathartidae

Type of: bird family

Part of: Falconiformes, order Falconiformes


  1. Although it is primarily a scavenger, feeding on carrion, this species belongs to the New World vulture family Cathartidae.
  2. ""'Gymnogyps amplus " "'is an extinct species of large New World vultures in the family Cathartidae.
  3. Condors are part of the family Cathartidae, whereas the 15 species of Old World vultures are in the family Accipitridae, that also includes hawks, eagles, and kites.
  4. ""'Phasmagyps " "', is an extinct genus of New World vulture in the family Cathartidae, known from one Oligocene fossil found in Colorado.
  5. Like most birds the Accipitridae generally have a poor sense of smell; even the Old World vultures make no use of the sense, in contrast to the New World vultures in the family Cathartidae.

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