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  1. It was formerly molecular phylogeny, has been split . " Lycoperdon " is now placed in the family Agaricaceae of the order Agaricales.
  2. ""'Macrolepiota albuminosa " "'is a species of agaric fungus in the family Agaricaceae that is an obligate symbiote of termites.
  3. Most of its members have been placed in family Agaricaceae of order Agaricales, while the earthstars are now in Geastrales, and similar species now occupy the order Phallales.
  4. William Chambers Coker and John Nathaniel Couch molecular analysis has shown that " Arachnion ", as well as other puffball genera, are part of the family Agaricaceae.
  5. For this reason, " Podaxis " was transferred to the family Agaricaceae ( order Agaricales ) from the now obsolete family name " Podaxaceae " ( order Podaxales ).

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