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Noun: false truffle
  1. Any of various fungi of the family Rhizopogonaceae having subterranean fruiting bodies similar to the truffle 
  2. Any of various fungi of the genus Scleroderma having hard-skinned subterranean fruiting bodies resembling truffles
    - earthball, puffball, hard-skinned puffball

Derived forms: false truffles

Type of: fungus

Part of: family Rhizopogonaceae, genus Scleroderma, Rhizopogonaceae, Scleroderma


  1. For example, agarics have arisen independently in the Agaricales, the Boletales, the Russulales, and other groups, while secotioid fungi and false truffles have arisen independently many times just within the Agaricales.
  2. The order Boletales originally was erected to describe boletes, but based on molecular phylogenetic evidence moved several physically dissimilar groups into Boletales, including the Sclerodermataceae ( earthballs ) and the Rhizopogonaceae ( false truffles ).
  3. Epigeous sporocarps that are visible to the naked eye, especially fruitbodies of a more or less agaricoid morphology, are often referred to as mushrooms, while hypogeous fungi are usually called truffles or false truffles.
  4. The earthballs ( " Scleroderma " species ), dyeballs ( " Pisolithus " species ), and many false truffles are ectomycorrhizal, forming a mutually beneficial relationship with the roots of living trees.
  5. As with other sporocarps, epigeous ( above-ground ) basidiocarps that are visible to the naked eye ( especially those with a more or less agaricoid morphology ) are commonly referred to as mushrooms, while hypogeous ( underground ) basidiocarps are usually called false truffles.

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