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  1. Tyramine can also be converted into octopamine by the dopamine-beta-hydroxylase ( DBH ) which itself acts as a false transmitter by displacing noradrenaline from its vesicle but not activating the postsynaptic alpha adrenoreceptor.
  2. The concept of a false transmitter is credited to Irwin Kopin of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke who determined that the drug tyramine increased blood pressure by being loaded and then released from secretory vesicles of the adrenal chromaffin cells.
  3. A brief communication of 1981 on false transmitter  revealed the existence of a �-adrenoceptor-mediated positive feedback mechanism in this tissue .  The interest in the discovery stems from the possibility that it explains part of the antihypertensive effect of beta blockers.
  4. Trace amines were thought to be'false transmitters'that displace classic biogenic amines from their storage and act on transporters in a fashion similar to the amphetamines, but the identification of brain receptors specific to trace amines indicates that they also have effects of their own.

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