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Noun: false smut
  1. Disease of rice; grains covered by a green powder consisting of conidia
    - green smut

Derived forms: false smuts

Type of: smut


  1. efficacy of 30 aimiao ec against rice false smut
  2. False smut damages the rice plant by infecting the ovaries of the rice kernel in its early development.
  3. False smut does not replace all or part of the kernel with a mass of black spores, rather sori form erupting through the palea and lemma forming a ball of mycelia, the outermost layers are spore-producing.
  4. ""'Ustilaginoidea virens " "', perfect sexual stage " Villosiclava virens ", is a plant pathogen which causes the disease False Smut of rice which reduces both grain yield and grain quality.
  5. The genus is widespread in subtropical regions, and contains six species . " Ustilaginoidea " was circumscribed by German botanist Julius Oscar Brefeld in 1895 . " Ustilaginoidea virens " causes the disesase known alternatively as rice false smut, pseudosmut, or green smut.

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