faculty meaning

[ 'fækəlti ] Pronunciation:   "faculty" in a sentence
Noun: faculty  fakultee
  1. One of the inherent cognitive or perceptual powers of the mind
    - mental faculty, module 
  2. [N. Amer] The body of teachers and administrators at a school
    - staff 
  3. Division of a university dealing with a particular major subject area

Derived forms: faculties

See also: facultative

Type of: ability, body, power

Part of: school

Encyclopedia: Faculty

The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in an educational institution. n pl -ties
a : an inherent capability, power, or function ‹the faculty of hearing› ‹digestive faculty›
b : one of the powers of the mind formerly held by psychologists to form a basis for the explanation of all mental phenomena
a : the members of a profession
b : the teaching and administrative staff and those members of the administration having academic rank in an educational institution


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  1. so far as i know, she has a faculty of housekeeping.
  2. his mental faculties survived his physical powers ...
  3. we sense that with all our faculty.
  4. he is a superman in mental faculties.
  5. he had the faculty of making order out of confusion.

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