facilitate meaning

[ fə'siliteit ] Pronunciation:   "facilitate" in a sentence
  • Verb: facilitate  fu'sili`teyt
    1. Make easier
      "you could facilitate the process by sharing your knowledge"
      - ease, alleviate 
    2. Be of use
      - help 
    3. Increase the likelihood of (a response)
      "The stimulus facilitates a delayed impulse"

    Derived forms: facilitated, facilitates, facilitating

    See also: facilitation, facilitative, facilitator, facilitatory

    Type of: aid, assist, cause, do, help, make, serve

    Encyclopedia: Facilitate

  • [Business]
    verb [+ obj]


    to make an action or a process possible or easier:

    She used her contacts at the company to facilitate a deal.

    a website that facilitates online payments

    The new trade agreement should facilitate more rapid economic growth.


    to help people work together or reach an agreement:

    The talks are being facilitated by the Association of British Insurers.

    facilitation // noun [U; sing.]:

    the facilitation of trade

    team facilitation

  • [Medicine]
    vt -tat·ed; -tat·ing : to increase the likelihood, strength, or effectiveness of (as behavior or a response) ‹reflexes can be facilitated or inhibited›; also : to lower the threshold for transmission of (an impulse)


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  1. modern inventions facilitate housework.
  2. it facilitates the combination of the different channels.
  3. it was to facilitate my studies that i came here.
  4. such a presentation greatly facilitated examination.
  5. the broken lock facilitated my entrance into the empty house.

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