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  1. every model can be adjusted dynamically by using opengl technology . precision and facileness of this software is unproved by using orientation optimization algorithm
  2. The only cure for facileness is to be completely new each time.
  3. *Comment : If Arbcom does not fulfill certain minimum requirements, it must be said to be failing in this regard : 1 ) it must be interactive, 2 ) it must act in a timely fashion, 3 ) it must keep to principles of openness 4 ) it must be able to conceptualize problems with facileness and precision.
  4. But director Bala doesn't really capitalize on its strengths, and never pulls you into the story except in parts which is disappointing, as he is among today's trend-setters in Tamil cinema . " Malathi Rangarajan from " The Hindu " claimed that " the intermission leaves you wondering at the frivolousness and facileness of the story that's very much unlike Bala.

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