facile princeps meaning

Pronunciation:   "facile princeps" in a sentence
  • /fasˈi-lē prinˈseps or fakˈi-le prinˈkeps/
      Obviously pre-eminent


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  1. in this field he is facile princeps, and has left all competitors behind
  2. The W . W . Greener company restarted production of Facile Princeps guns in 1998.
  3. In 1876, the firm introduced the Treble Wedge-Fast Hammerless Gun, otherwise known as the " Facile Princeps ".
  4. Combining much research and thoughtful study with the practical administration of conveyancing, he came to be regarded as facile princeps in the department.
  5. During the early part of his life, he was universally admitted to be " facile princeps " among the Swedish poets of his time.

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