facial meaning

[ 'feiʃəl ] Pronunciation:   "facial" in a sentence
Adjective: facial  feyshul
  1. Of or concerning the face
    "a facial massage"; "facial hair"; "facial expression" 
  2. Of or pertaining to the outside surface of an object
Noun: facial  feyshul
  1. Cranial nerve that supplies facial muscles
    - facial nerve, nervus facialis, seventh cranial nerve 
  2. Care for the face that usually involves cleansing and massage and the application of cosmetic creams

Derived forms: facials

See also: face, facially

Type of: beauty treatment, cranial nerve, skin care, skincare

Part of: face, human face

Encyclopedia: Facial

[British slang]
Noun. The ejaculation of semen on a sexual partner's face. Term originated within porn industry.

1 : of, relating to, or affecting the face ‹facial neuralgia›
2 : concerned with or used in improving the appearance of the face
3 : relating to or being the buccal and labial surface of a tooth — fa·cial·ly adv
1 : a treatment to improve the appearance of the face
2 : a facial part (as a nerve or artery)


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  1. facial painting is an adaptation of the mask.
  2. no, i am going to get a facial massage.
  3. the signs of the ordinary faint are marked facial pallor and moist cold skin.
  4. trauma to the facial bones is often associated with a cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea.
  5. for that matter, the facial hairs he chops off were produced by other cells.

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