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  • [Medicine]
    n : an awareness of obstacles independent of vision that is often considerably developed in blind persons and probably dependent on tactile perception of reflected sound waves


  1. About 1998, he visited the Auditory Neuroethology Laboratory at the University of Maryland and was interviewed about his experience with facial vision.
  2. In earlier times, human echolocation was sometimes described as " facial vision " or " obstacle sense, " as it was believed that the proximity of nearby objects caused pressure changes on the skin.
  3. Some consider Dallenbach's studies of attention to be his most important of these contributions, while others maintain that his studies on facial vision and retention during sleep belong to the classical psy-chological literature.
  4. As a child, he learned to use echolocation well enough to ride a bicycle in traffic . ( His parents thought that he still had some sight remaining . ) He later participated in experiments in facial vision ( White, et al . 1970 ).

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