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Severe or complete loss of facial muscle motor function. This condition may result from central or peripheral lesions. Damage to CNS motor pathways from the cerebral cortex to the facial nuclei in the pons leads to facial weakness that generally spares the forehead muscles. FACIAL NERVE DISEASES generally results in generalized hemifacial weakness. NEUROMUSCULAR JUNCTION DISEASES and MUSCULAR DISEASES may also cause facial paralysis or paresis.


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  1. objective to analyze the causes of facial palsies after ablating parotid glands
  2. traffic accident is a common casuse of temporal bone fracture which might result in traumatic facial palsy
  3. from august 1985 through february 1991, 36 patients with traumatic facial palsy underwent transmastoid decompression of the facial nerve at cgmh
  4. In 2014, Malhotra developed the CADS Ophthalmic Grading score for facial palsy.
  5. Babies can be born with facial palsy.

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