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    Neuralgic syndromes and other conditions which feature chronic or recurrent FACIAL PAIN as the primary manifestation of disease. Disorders of the trigeminal and facial nerves are frequently associated with these conditions.


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  1. When he reaches the doctor s house he pretends to be suffering from facial neuralgia.
  2. The first practitioner to see facial neuralgia patients is often a dentist who may lack deep training in facial neurology.
  3. Cacciopoli allegedly received his moniker " Tommy Twitch " because he suffered from case facial neuralgia, an uncontrollable muscle spasm condition.
  4. Both forms of facial neuralgia are relatively rare, with an incidence recently estimated between 12 and 24 new cases per hundred thousand population per year.
  5. Peirce suffered from his late teens onward from a nervous condition then known as " facial neuralgia ", which would today be diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia.

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