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  • noun
      (in skull measurement) the angle formed by lines drawn from the middle of the forehead to the upper jaw above the incisor teeth and from the opening of the ear to the opening of the nose

  • [Medicine]
    n : the angle that is determined by the intersection of a line connecting the nasion and prosthion with the Frankfort horizontal plane and is used as a measure of prognathism
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  1. In 1770, he conceived of the facial angle to measure intelligence among species of men.
  2. His style was characterized by precise control of lighting pattern and facial angles in every " candid " reception shot.
  3. The facial angles of Moors and Kalmyks was calculated to be 70 degrees, and that of a European 80 degrees.
  4. Pieter Camper invented the " facial angle ", a measure meant to determine jawbone to the most prominent part of the forehead.
  5. The artist-anatomist Camper's developed a theory to measure the facial angle, for which he is chiefly known in later anthropological literature.

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