exteriorize meaning

Pronunciation:   "exteriorize" in a sentence
Verb: exteriorize  ik'sti(u)reeu`rIz
  1. Bring outside the body for surgery, of organs
    - bring outside, exteriorise [Brit] 
  2. Make external or objective, or give reality to
    - exteriorise [Brit], externalize, externalise [Brit], objectify

Derived forms: exteriorizing, exteriorizes, exteriorized

See also: exteriorization

Type of: alter, change, displace, modify, move

or Brit ex·te·ri·or·ise vt -ized or Brit -ised; -iz·ing or Brit -is·ing
2 : to bring out of the body (as for surgery) ‹the section of perforated colon was exteriorized› — ex·te·ri·or·iza·tion or Brit ex·te·ri·or·isa·tion n


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  1. they do several takes of christensen effectively exteriorizing anakin's internal pain, which will shortly push him over to the dark side
  2. A thin nylon tail remains exteriorized and is used for removal.
  3. These tools are exteriorized forms of mental processes manifested in constructs, whether physical or psychological.
  4. When your country lacks everything, when there is killing, terrorist attacks, it's hard to exteriorize your own personal happiness ."
  5. The distance Mishima achieved by exteriorizing many of his own lyrical impulses through a quasi-historical protagonist no doubt accounts for the control he maintained throughout that book, his final great work.

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