express lane meaning

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  • n. [c]

    1 (also fast lane) the lane of a road where vehicles are able to drive faster

    2 the checkout in a shop/store where customers do not have to wait a long time: Use the express lane if you have up to ten items.

  • [Business]
    noun [C] (AmE)

    a place in a shop/store where particular customers can go to avoid waiting for a long time:

    Customers with ten items or fewer can use the express lane.

    express lanes at fast-food restaurants

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  1. a breakdown lane; an express lane
  2. mr . walker : come on; let's just go through the express lane
  3. express lane vs . journey
  4. mrs . walker : and go through the express lane separately ? that's 6 ) cheating
  5. with the deepening of our country's reform and opening, the structure transformation of rural society have switched into the express lane

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