expel meaning

[ iks'pel ] Pronunciation:   "expel" in a sentence
Verb: expel (expelled,expelling)  ik'spel
  1. Force to leave or move out
    "He was expelled from his native country"
    - throw out, kick out 
  2. Remove from a position or office
    - oust, throw out, drum out, boot out, kick out 
  3. Cause to flee
    - rout, rout out 
  4. Eliminate (a substance)
    - exhaust, discharge, eject, release

Derived forms: expelled, expels, expelling

See also: expelling, expulsion

Type of: defeat, displace, get the better of, move, overcome, remove

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  1. they both take in and expel matter.
  2. is that antidote strong enough to expel the poison?
  3. one love expels another.
  4. he could not expel from his mind the persuasion that he should see marianne no more.
  5. it has the power to expel companies or dealers believed to be dishonest or insolvent.

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