execute meaning

[ 'eksikju:t ] Pronunciation:   "execute" in a sentence
  • Verb: execute  'eksu`kyoot
    1. Kill as a means of socially sanctioned punishment
      "In some states, criminals are executed"
      - put to death 
    2. Murder in a planned fashion
      "The Mafioso who collaborated with the police was executed" 
    3. Put in effect
      "execute the decision of the people"
      - carry through, accomplish, carry out, action, fulfill [N. Amer], fulfil [Brit, Cdn] 
    4. Carry out the legalities of
      "execute a will or a deed" 
    5. Carry out a process or program, as on a computer or a machine
      "the computer executed the instruction"
      - run 
    6. Carry out or perform an action
      "the skater executed a triple pirouette"
      - perform, do 
    7. Sign in the presence of witnesses
      "The President executed the treaty"

    Derived forms: executed, executes, executing

    See also: executant, execution, executive, executor

    Type of: apply, bump off, complete, dispatch, effect, effectuate, enforce, finish, hit, implement, kill, murder, off, penalise [Brit], penalize, polish off, punish, remove, set up, sign, slay

    Encyclopedia: Execute

  • [Business]

    1 [+ obj]

    to do a piece of work, perform a duty, put a plan into action, etc:

    We can execute most orders in just one week.

    to execute a plan/strategy/project

    All trades (= in shares, etc.) are executed through a broker.

    2 [no obj]

    to achieve a particular business goal; to be successful as a business:

    Our success is due to our managers' ability to execute.

    Their online travel company is executing well and showing impressive growth.

    To be a leader in technology you must be able to execute on time.

    3 (IT ) [+ obj]

    to make a computer perform an action:

    To execute a program, type the program name.

    execute a command/an instruction/a query



    execute on sth

    to complete a task or perform an activity properly:

    The firm now has the necessary skills and funding to execute on its business plan.

  • [Computer]
    <operating system, programming> The process of carrying out the instructions in a computer program by a computer.

    See also dry run.


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  1. the murderer was executed according to law.
  2. the system executes simple harmonic motion.
  3. the ferocious chieftain was executed.
  4. he asked his brother to execute his will.
  5. the project was duly executed.

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