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[Latin: no action can be based on a disreputable cause] The principle that the courts may refuse to enforce a claim arising out of the claimant's own illegal or immoral conduct or transactions. Hence parties who have knowingly entered into an illegal contract may not be able to enforce it and a person injured by a fellow-criminal while they are jointly committing a serious crime may not be able to sue for damages for the injury.


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  1. The central issue on appeal was whether the doctrine " ex turpi causa non oritur actio " provided a complete defence.
  2. How specifically do you believe " Ex turpi causa non oritur actio " applies ( assuming the jurisdiction governing this image has a comparable law ).
  3. "Ex turpi causa non oritur actio " is the illegality defence, the Latin for " no right of action arises from a despicable cause ".
  4. Technically, ex turpi causa non oritur actio and unclean hands are defenses one might raise as a defendant in a lawsuit, much like one might claim fair use as defense in a copyright infringement lawsuit.
  5. :As to whether the doctrine of " ex turpi causa non oritur actio " can be used to claim that either of these videos is in the public domain, the answer is no.

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