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    A form of euro-commercial paper consisting of short-term negotiable bearer notes. They may be in any currency but are usually in dollars or euros. The euronote facility is a form of note issuance facility set up by a syndicate of banks, which underwrites the notes.


  1. In 1996, the company launched a US $ 150 million Euronote float.
  2. A euronote may take the form of euro-commercial paper ( ECP ) or euro-certificates of deposit.
  3. ING Barings Bank has offered to underwrite a one-year Euronote for the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas worth at least $ 500 million, money needed to replenish reserves depleted by the central bank's defense of the peso.
  4. Atlantico paid $ 23 million, or 96 percent of face value, for the 10 percent, five-year Euronote, which failed banking company Grupo Financiero Sureste SA originally bought from Grupo Accel SA, said Juan Schietekat, the agency's corporate debt sales manager.
  5. In August, it sold a $ 24 million note to Banco del Atlantic SA, which paid $ 23 million, or 96 percent of face value, for the 10 percent, five-year Euronote due in March 1999 . Before that, the Texas-based financial group, Amresco Financial LP, paid 66 . 8 million pesos for a package of Mexican loans with a face value of 135 million pesos.

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