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  An information network linking various European databanks

<company> An IAP from Amsterdam, The Netherlands operating since 1994-08-01 and owned by France Telecom since 1998-11-06.


Telephone: +31 (020) 535 5555.

Fax: +31 (020) 535 5400.

Address: Herengracht 208-214, 1016 BS Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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  1. euronet is europe's leading international exchange
  2. Each Euronet ATM is hooked up to let consumers pay utilities electronically.
  3. Euronet operates a network of automated teller machines, mostly in Europe.
  4. Euronet got that experience in Europe, principally in former communist bloc countries.
  5. :Euronet has a Profiler for the 2009 Elections.

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