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or Euˈromart noun
1. The European Common Market
2. The European money market
3. One of the W European stock exchanges

AmE / noun [C]

(Finance )


an international market in which banks and large organizations buy and sell Eurobonds, Eurocurrencies, etc:

A group of 10 international banks will underwrite and sell the bonds in the Euromarkets.


the European Union considered as a single financial or commercial market

1) A market that emerged in the 1950s for financing international trade. Its principal participants are commercial banks, large companies, the central banks of members of the EU, and (from 1999) the European Central Bank. Its main business is in eurobonds, euro-commercial paper, euronotes, and euroequities issued in eurocurrencies. The largest euromarket is in London, but there are smaller ones in Paris, Brussels, and Frankfurt.

2) The European Union, regarded as one large market for goods.

The market that includes all of the European Union member countries - many of which use the same currency, the euro. All tariffs between Euromarket member countries have been abolished, and import duties from all non-member countries have been fixed for all of the member countries. The Euromarket also has one central bank for all of the member countries, the European Central Bank (ECB).


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  1. Gordon Segal brought buying smarts to the housewares business at Crate and Barrel, a unit of Euromarket Designs.
  2. He and a handful of senior executives own all the stock in Euromarket Designs Inc ., Crate's corporate parent.
  3. Parcel services for online shopping and mail order companies are available from Tradeka outlets which include Siwa, EuroMarket and Valintatalo grocery stores.
  4. In the near future we intend for the first time as a new capital market borrower to tap the Euromarket with the sale of a long-term DM bond,
  5. He was a principal architect of the Euromarket and was involved in the development of several innovative financing techniques, including the Eurodollar certificate of deposit and floating rate notes.

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