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  • Noun: eubacteria
    1. A large group of bacteria having rigid cell walls; motile types have flagella
      - eubacterium, true bacteria

    Type of: bacteria, bacterium, moneran, moneron

    Part of: division Eubacteria

    Encyclopedia: Eubacteria

  • [Medicine]
    One of the three domains of life (the others being Eukarya and ARCHAEA),also called Eubacteria. They are unicellular prokaryotic microorganisms which generally possess rigid cell walls,multiply by cell division,and exhibit three principal forms: round or coccal,rodlike or bacillary,and spiral or spirochetal. Bacteria can be classifed by their response to OXYGEN: aerobic,anerobic,or facultatively anerobic; by the mode by which they obtain their energy: chemotrophic (via chemical reaction) or phototrophic (via light reaction); for chemotrophs by their source of chemical energy: lithotrophic (from inorganic compounds) or organotrophic (from organic compounds); and by where they get their CARBON: heterotrophic (from organic sources) or autotrophic (from CARBON DIOXIDE). They can also be classifed by whether or not they stain (based on the structure of their CELL WALLS) with CRYSTAL VIOLET dye: gram-negative or gram-positive. n pl : a subkingdom of monerans comprising the bacteria which lack a cell wall, have a thick cell wall of peptidoglycan, or have a thin cell wall of peptidoglycan with an outer layer of lipoprotein and which include most of the familiar bacteria of medical and economic importance


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  1. 27 unniraman s, prakash r, nagaraja v . alternate paradigm for intrinsic transcription termination in eubacteria
  2. actinobacteria ( ray fungi; actinomycetes ) a phylum of eubacteria that contains the true actinobacteria and the coryneform bacteria
  3. the prokarya contains a single kingdom, the bacteria, which is divided into two subkingdoms, the archaea and the eubacteria
  4. recent molecular evidance suggests the prokaryotes actually comprise two distinct kingdoms, or even domains, the archaea and the eubacteria or bacteia
  5. Class III reductases are distributed in archaebacteria, eubacteria, and bacteriophages.

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